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Lost Carnival IC Contact

FREQUENCY: 986.69384
DESCRIPTION: Ginko will usually try to answer his radio right away, unless he's in the middle of something urgent. Like if the Rodent of Unusual Size is trying to chew his hand off.

LOCATION: Mailbox on Door
DESCRIPTION: A simple wooden box with a lid. There's a small wedge on top of the box, and a note asking people to use it to prop the lid open if they leave mail inside (because Ginko can't be bothered to check his mail on a regular basis).

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[Steven's been making seashell jewelry with the merfolk, and so naturally he's decided to share the wealth with his treasured friends. He'll either give it to you in person or via your mailbox. If in person, he'll pretty much just swim up to you and be like "Here! This is for you! I made it!" and if you get it in the mailbox it will have a note with it that basically says the same thing, plus a small doodle of a heart-shaped fish.

Steven has made Ginko a seashell necklace. It will be gifted sometime during the off week.]
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Hey. The note worked.

I just. Thought you should know.
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Still no talking but... I got something back so.

[A W K W A R D]
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...Do I want things to go back to normal though?

I mean I do, but is it the right thing to do?
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[Patience is not a skill he has.]

It's been like this as long as I've known him.
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...No... Not really. I mean, there were hints, but I never really thought it was a big deal until... Recently.
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[He doesn't like it, but he trusts Ginko's judgement.]

...I hate waiting.
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[Ginko, don't make him like you even more.]

You're right.

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AU Event // Day after Sans-napping.

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[Starting at around 3:00 in the morning that evening he starts sending Ginko small updates throughout the day as he tries deal with the colossal mess he's made.]

miu's fine. zecora's got her.
Received 3:01 AM 10/06/17

cars towed. guy who owes me is gonna look at it.
Received 6:03 AM 10/06/17


Received 7:47 AM 10/06/17

found some help.
Received 9:12 AM 10/06/17

got a name.
Received 10:24 AM 10/06/17

guide acquired.
Received 12:11 PM 10/06/17

guess there's a plan.
Received 2:47 PM 10/06/17

oh and your car will be fixed by monday btw
Received 2:48 PM 10/06/17

i just swallowed a giant iron marble
Received 5:56 PM 10/06/17

even if we get him back he's going to hate me.
Received 7:48 PM 10/06/17

whatever it doesn't matter anyway
Received 7:50 PM 10/06/17
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